About Unicorn Books


Unicorn Bookshop was established in 1989. We are an online bookstore operated from Warkworth, New Zealand that serves customers throughout New Zealand and around the world. 

We specialise in quality used books including vintage, antique, collectable and out of print titles, including technical and reference orientated books. We also sell some selected new books as well as old maps and newspapers.

Because we are online our store is always open and we accept any currency.

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Sell your books

Sell your books

Have you old books you wish to sell?

Unicorn Books are always in the market to buy second hand books. This can be from private sellers having a clean out, estate sales or private collections. Nothing is too large or small and we buy from anywhere in New Zealand, so if you have books to sell please call us.

Our Managers have 30 years’ experience in the book buying trade – so we can quickly appraise any books that you have to sell.

If your collection is not too large just email us some photo(s) of your books and we will quickly provide you an offer.

Please don't go to the trouble of cataloging your books for us. You just need to tell us the title/author or ISBN if this is not obvious in the photos that you send us.


  • Our appraisal service is fast
  • Our prices paid are fair
  • Payment immediatley direct to your bank account
  • We can take care of the freight pickup right from your door


  • We are always looking for anything old/vintage, non fiction, history or reference based and just browsing our listings will give you a flavour.
  • We are not looking for:  Mills & Boon - glossy magazines – encyclopedias - altas - Readers Digest – non current popular fiction - science fiction - cook books from the 70/80/90's (or anything to do with a microwave).

Gift Vouchers

Unicorn Books also sells gift vouchers. These can be purchased for any value in multiples of $10.00

The fastest way to purchase gift vouchers is to just phone and we will quickly transact this over the phone and mail the gift voucher to you.

To redeem a gift voucher for a purchase, just phone us with the voucher details. Or email us a photo of your voucher plus the stock reference of the book you require, including your address - and we can complete your purchase. books@unicornbooks.co.nz