Angels & Aristocrats

Angels & Aristocrats

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ISBN: 9781869621353
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Title: Angels & Aristocrats
Author(s): KISLER, Mary
Category: Art
New / Used: New
Book Type: Large hardcover
Published: 2010
Published By: Random House
Pages: 392
Size (mm): 240 w x 260 h x 35 d
Weight (kg): kg


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It is entirely possible to immerse oneself in the glories of European art without having to travel to the Louvre, the Uffizzi, the Tate or the Frick. That's because New Zealand's public art galleries are richly studded with works collected by benefactors over the last 150 years and generously gifted to the nation. Many are infrequently seen and the richness of the collections often goes unacknowledged.

In this outstanding book, respected curator Mary Kisler delves into the storerooms and reintroduces our historic art treasures (and those generous individuals who collected them) to us.

Superbly illustrated, accessibly written and meticulously researched, Angels and Aristocrats is both a long-overdue celebration of magnificent and important works and also an indispensible and expert guide to art history.

Angels and Aristocrats is not only a triumph for the author and publisher, but it also deserves distinction for the way this book provides an engrossing and wide-ranging narrative of the history of European art on display in New Zealand. It is the type of volume that is indispensable to museum-goers in that country, and indeed in Australia.

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