The Odd Spot of Bother

The Odd Spot of Bother
The Odd Spot of Bother
The Odd Spot of Bother
The Odd Spot of Bother
The Odd Spot of Bother
The Odd Spot of Bother
The Odd Spot of Bother
The Odd Spot of Bother
The Odd Spot of Bother

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Barry Crump
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Title: The Odd Spot of Bother
Author(s): CRUMP, Barry
Category: New Zealand - General
New / Used: Used
Book Type: Small Hardcover
Published: 1967
Published By: AH & AW Reed
Edition: reprinted 1968
Pages: 158
Size (mm): 140 w x 220 h x 15 d


Good original condition, light handling wear and fading on dust jacket, light foxing on pages, name inside front cover, otherwise clean and unmarked. Images depict all need to know detail.


Winning the national lottery doesn't exactly make life easier for Windy. Those spots of bother lead him into more and more hilarious situations.

About the Author.

Barry Crump MBE (1935-1996) was a New Zealand author of semi-autobiographical comic novels based on his image as a rugged outdoors man. Taken together his novels have sold more than a million copies domestically, equating to one book sold for every four New Zealanders. Born in Papatoetoe, Auckland, Crump worked for many years as a government deer-culler in areas of New Zealand native forest (termed bush). He collected his experiences in his first novel A Good Keen Man in 1960. This novel became one of the most popular in New Zealand history, and Crump's success continued with the more fictional Hang on a Minute Mate (1961), One of Us (1962), There and Back (1963), Gulf (1964), A Good Keen Girl (1970), Bastards I Have Met ( Graham Kirk ) (1971), and others, which capitalized on the appeal of his good-natured itinerant self-sufficient characters and idiomatic "blokey" writing style. Crump travelled throughout Australia (where he hunted crocodiles), Europe, Turkey, and India, the result of which was his conversion to the Bah Faith by 1982. He married five times, including a one-year marriage to the poet Fleur Adcock and a longer marriage to Robin Lee-Robinson, and had nine sons and no daughters.

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