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We have thousands of used books available. Use the book category list below to view all books in that category. Or use the search option to find a book.

Sell your books

Sell your books

We Buy Books for Cash

Don't send your old book collection to the dump - we are always in the market to buy second hand vintage books, newspapers & magazines, prints, posters, drawings, maps & charts and associated memorabilia.

This can be from private sellers having a clean out, estate sales or private collections.  We buy from all over New Zealand and we can quickly appraise any book lot large or small.

Please don't go to the trouble of cataloging what you have.  Just email us some photos of your items and we can quickly provide you an offer or come to you for an appraisal.


  • Our appraisal service is fast
  • Our prices are amoung the highest paid
  • Payment immediatley direct to your bank account
  • We take care of the freight pickup right from your door
  • Comments from prior sellers is included in our customer feedback


  • We will consider anything old/vintage. This can include (but not limited to) non-fiction, history, natural history, military, transport, sport, languages, technical and reference, newspapers, old historic photos and memorabilia.
  • We are not looking for: contempoary fiction - Mills & Boon - glossy magazines – encyclopedias - Readers Digest – science fiction - contemporary cook books.


  • We take care of and pay for the shipping from our end.
  • Please note that we only operate contactless pickup via our courier, we do not allow dropoffs.
  • All that we require from you is that that books are packaged up ready for shipping, we do the rest.

Gift Vouchers

Unicorn Books also sells gift vouchers. These can be purchased for any value in multiples of $10.00

The fastest way to purchase gift vouchers is to just phone and we will quickly transact this over the phone and mail the gift voucher to you.

To redeem a gift voucher for a purchase, just phone us with the voucher details. Or email us a photo of your voucher plus the stock reference of the book you require, including your address - and we can complete your purchase. books@unicornbooks.co.nz