A Sacrificial Pawn

A Sacrificial Pawn
A Sacrificial Pawn
A Sacrificial Pawn
A Sacrificial Pawn

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Military history NZ History War and war stories
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Title: A Sacrificial Pawn
Author(s): JACKSON, Peter R
Category: War and War Stories
New / Used: New
Book Type: Small paperback
Published: 2011
Published By: Wily Publications
Pages: 200
Size (mm): 153 w x 234 h x 14 d


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A memoir that tells the amazing story of Peter's experiences in World War II, when he was captured by the Japanese at the fall of Singapore. Now over 90 years old, Peter tells the incredible story of his survival.

Peter Jackson was young and recently married when he was drafted into the army at the start of World War II. He had no wish to be there but like most of his generation he was given no choice. Peter arrived in Singapore just as the city was being evacuated and within days he was a prisoner of the Imperial Japanese Army. Peter was lucky to survive the brutality that followed. Like so many he was forced to work for the Japanese, first in Singapore and then on the infamous Thai-Burma railway. While there he escaped with seven other soldiers and when re-captured he was treated harshly. His memoir brings alive the characters of the various soldiers and also of the Japanese whom he encountered. Some of the Japanese he met treated their prisoners more humanely and Peter was able to form a relationship with them. But throughout his memoir there is a sense of hopefulness that as young men they would survive and get back to their homes; this was despite the despair many of them felt at losing four years of their lives as prisoners.

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