Exposed: The Dark Side of the America's Cup

Exposed: The Dark Side of the America's Cup

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Title: Exposed: The Dark Side of the America's Cup
Author(s): SEFTON, Alan
Category: Boats & Marine
New / Used: New
Book Type: Small paperback
Published: 2017
Published By: Bloomsbury
Pages: 298


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The America's Cup has always been a hotbed of intrigue, spying, cheating, double-dealing and hard-fought court cases - before the boats even get on the water.

Beneath the sheets is a unique look at the larger than life powerful opponents in the America's Cup of the modern era, from 1977 to the present. Set against some of the most acrimonious and litigious battles in sporting history, this expose of wealthy team owners, designers, managers and competitors is a compelling glimpse behind the scenes at the real America's Cup, brought alive by quotes transcribed from 92 in-depth interviews produced and directed for a TV series by Larry Keating. Many of the interviews are highly opinionated; others defensive or forthright.

The tone of the book is a 'Hard Talk' candid approach at getting to the heart of the issues the opponents faced. The interviews expose the emotions, the battles, the espionage, intrigue, and the ebb and flow of point and counter-point won and lost on the water and in the courts. Of how respect can turn to hate all too quickly as the points are made and decisions stall or accelerate circumstances. Readers will enjoy a transparent view of how these extraordinary individuals of fame and fortune can still show their human qualities, their passions, aspirations, nerves - and the one quality we all relate to; confronting one's fears in the quest to be the best - Have we got it right?

Author's Bio

Alan Sefton is a former yachting journalist and publisher who has been following and covering the America's Cup since 1980. He helped launch New Zealand's involvement in the America's Cup in the early to mid-1980s and was an adviser to Sir Michael Fay in his three influential campaigns for the Auld Mug. More recently, with the late Sir Peter Blake, he formed Team New Zealand and was its executive director for the successful challenge in 1995 and equally successful defence in 2000. He is a self-confessed `progressive traditionalist' when it comes to Cup affairs and a committed supporter of the Deed of Gift and all that it intends. Larry Keating built a strong interest in America's Cup history, working with the world's largest collection of historical film and video on the event for more than 25 years. Working at various levels in the media, he was inspired by New Zealand's successes in international yachting through the 1970s and 80s, and travelled the world covering most of the major regattas, including around the world races, Olympic Games and America's Cup regattas from 1987 onwards. His experience in photography, broadcasting and historical filmmaking took him to the very core of many of the dramas and controversies in this book. Now living in New Zealand's Bay of Islands, Larry continues to sail while watching with interest the never-ending saga of the America's Cup.

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