Vitalogy; Private Words to Men and Women

Vitalogy; Private Words to Men and Women

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Vintage technical and reference
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Title: Vitalogy; Private Words to Men and Women
Author(s): CONGER, Horace O
CRANE, Caroline P
Category: Rare & Collectible
New / Used: Used
Book Type: Journal / Magazine
Published: 1900
Published By: Unnamed
Pages: 48
Size (mm): 140 w x 200 h x 4 d


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Private words to men and women is a supplement to ‘Vitalogy’, a large manual that provided health advice for the householder heavily overlaid with the authors’ personal philosophy of life. The booklet (or pamphlet) was supplied free with the purchase of the book. Although the book was produced in the USA, we know that it was available and read in Australia.

There were many medical encyclopaedias for home use published in the early 20th century but, according to the authors, ‘Vitalogy’ was the first and only complete practical family medical work published. Advice on sex and reproduction as well as ‘obstetrics scientifically illustrated’ were printed in a separate pamphlet so that the larger book ‘might be perused by all and placed either on the table or in the library’.

For the era in which it was published, and considering it was produced for the general public, the book’s illustrations are surprisingly frank. However the advice is heavily moralising and sometimes misguided medically. 

Illustrated with B&W drawings.

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